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Recent Exhibitions

"Your pictures at the exhibition are having a lot of success. The other day Diaz stopped me in the street and said, Give your brother my compliments and tell him that his pictures are highly remarkable. Monet said that your pictures were the best of all in the exhibition."

Theo van Gogh
Letter T32
23 April 1890

"A multitude of superb studies came to light after [artist Guillaume Régamey] died--there has been an exhibition of them--hardly anybody knew of their existence during his lifetime. A fine thing, eh?"

Vincent van Gogh
Letter R30
c. 5 March 1883

150th Anniversary Exhibitions and Events

In addition to various exhibitions featuring Van Gogh works in 2003, a number of events focused specifically on the 150th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh's birth on 30 March 1853. This section will provide details of these events.

  • In Amsterdam the Van Gogh Museum will host two major exhibitions:

    • Vincent's Choice: A selection of works that Van Gogh himself greatly admired (14 February - 15 June 2003).

    • GOGH MODERN: A retrospective of 20th century artists influenced by Vincent van Gogh (27 June - 12 October 2003).

      Of interest: Andrew Forrest, author of Van Gogh: A Beginner's Guide, reviews GOGH MODERN.

    For full details of special 150th anniversary events, refer to the Van Gogh Museum website.

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