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Guest Review: GOGH MODERN

GoghModern is a brave and brilliant concept that connects Vincent with the post-1945 generations of artists. GoghModern does this in terms of colour, gesture and the experiences and emotions of mankind, but also by the ingenious device of exhibitions-within-the-exhibition: there are open cabinets for Vincent's works with direct visual access to the 'modern' masters of painting, sculpture and installation. In this way, connections and contrasts can be visualized and reflected upon. For me, Anselm Kiefer and Karel Appel (there's also a splendid video'd interview with Appel) were the most arresting, especially the connection between Vincent's profound spiritual landscapes and Kiefer's monumental, mythic 'Urd, Werdandi, Skuld' from Norse mythology.

In a long list of represented artists, there are also Pollock, Johns, Warhol, Stella, and sculptors Long and Judd, then, in the 'Human Condition' section, photos of the downtrodden, disturbed and marginalized by such as Goldin, Arbus and Salgado (his shocking goldmine photos from Brazil - which must surely have helped inspire the Chapman Brothers' 'Hell').

Thoroughly recommended: GoghModern is thought-provoking and innovative.

Andrew Forrest
Author: Van Gogh: A Beginner's Guide

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