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A discussion of Vincent van Gogh's paintings probably places me on the shakiest ground of my entire Van Gogh website. As I mention on the introductory page, I have no formal training whatsoever in art criticism. All I can do, for what it's worth, is give a very subjective overview of the various periods of Vincent's works, and share a few personal impressions.

I also include a thumbnail example from each of the categories below. By using a thumbnail image (which, when clicked on, will show you a full-sized version) I kill two birds with one stone (so to speak): I don't slow the downloading of this page down by including nine full-sized graphics, and I allow the visitor to choose for themselves whether or not they wish to view a full-sized graphic.

If you wish to see more of Van Gogh's works, be sure to look through either my alphabetical listings of paintings or my world map.

I would divide Van Gogh's works into the following nine categories (again, I must stress that these are my own categories and have no grounding in a proper, academic study of Van Gogh's works--in addition, there is, of course, no clean transition from one category to the next. The categories can overlap and don't necessarily follow a precise chronological sequence):

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