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Vincent van Gogh's years in France are, arguably, the most pivotal in terms of his career as an artist. His first stay in France was as an art dealer with the firm of Goupil & Cie. in Paris. Vincent's career as an art dealer had been relatively successful when he worked at Goupil's branch in The Hague, but he had become more and more disillusioned when he joined the firm's Paris office. Eventually Van Gogh was transferred to Goupil's London branch, but the next year he would return to Paris.

Ten years would pass before Vincent van Gogh would return to France. There he continued to refine his vast talents as an artist--first working in the lively art community in Paris and then eventually on his own in Arles and Saint-Rémy. Van Gogh journeyed to the south of France to find the sun and there he produced his best and most famous works. Eventually, however, he would return to the north where, completely dejected, he would take his own life in the village of Auvers-sur-Oise.

Paris (1)
(1874-75, 1876)

Paris (2)




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