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Included below are the works of artists who have honoured Van Gogh using non-traditional media.

Name of Work





Current Location


Faces and Writings (Vincent and Theo) Jorge Sosa Campiglia Montevideo, Uruguay October, 2003 Gobeline technique; materials: wool, synthetics and cotton Private collection

Homage to Van Gogh Triptych Marina Varouta Greece 2006 Photography and digital painting ---

Portrait of Van Gogh Pete Coggeshall Redondo Beach, California 2009 3D. Rendered in Zbrush ---

Sower Geert Weerstand Urk, The Netherlands 2008 Freestone with coloured glass inlay Urk, the Netherlands (permanently exhibition off about 75 works “Van Gogh in stone by Geert”)

Starry Night Homage Mardeen Gordon Santa Barbara, California 1985 Embroidery on jacket Private collection: Santa Cruz, California

Sunflowers Philip Northover Ottawa 7 August 2000 Fractal ---

Sunflowers Peter Walker England 2005 Bronze resin ---

To Vincent Marjorie Graterol Houston 20 June 2006 Raytraced 3D image, modeled and rendered in CarraraPro 5.1 ---

Vincent's Mother Overlay Seventh Hour Blues Warrensburg, New York 2006 Digital ---

Wheat Field with Crows Nick Oldham Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK 17 April 2013 Digital Macclesfield, UK

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