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What were Vincent van Gogh's last words?

David Brooks replies:

Your question is actually a good one. I've often wondered what Van Gogh's real last words were. The references are quite inconsistent on the matter.

First of all, I fast forwarded to the end of my "Lust for Life" video and I note that Van Gogh's final words in the movie are:

(they're discussing Vincent's baby nephew who had been sick):

Theo: He's alright now. He was just teething.
Vincent: That's good. I hope he has a quieter soul than mine. For my sake.

(then . . . .)

Vincent: Theo, Theo. I'd like to go home.

(he dies)

(I don't know why the screenwriter, Norman Corwin, would choose these particular words. There's certainly no historical evidence of them).

In the book "Lust for Life" Irving Stone has his last words as:

"I wish I could die now, Theo."

In the movie Vincent and Theo (dir. Robert Altman) Vincent's last words are:

"Could you light my pipe?"

In the horrible French movie Van Gogh (dir. Maurice Pialat):

"I'm hungry." (a stupid last line in a terrible movie)

Other sources:

I think that it's a very interesting point and I'd be happy to hear what others might like to say.

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