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Over the last six years I have received a great many e-mails with some very challenging questions which I haven't been able to answer. As a result, I would like to take advantage of the medium of the Internet and use this page as a online forum for visitors to exchange questions and any puzzling Van Gogh "imponderables". Perhaps someone in Munich has a question about one of Van Gogh's works that someone else in Tokyo just happens to know the answer to.

Send your questions to me, I'll post them (with your e-mail address, if you wish) and with any luck we can solve some of these mysteries by working together.

Click on any of the categories shown below and you'll find a few of the imponderables I've received so far below. These should serve both to give a flavour of the types of questions which would be ideal in this forum, and because I genuinely don't know the answers to the questions and would love to hear from someone that may be able to give me some information.

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Again, I'll be very happy to post any further challenging questions if you'd care to pass them along to me at

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