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Dr. William F. Trinkhaus asks:

Are there any significant artists known to have bi-polar depression and are there any significant artists on Lithium whose creative talents have not been effected?"

Gwendol Bowling responds:

There is a list of artists, writers, musician, etc. at

In addition, at the moment I am doing research on Vincent for a media arts screenplay course at my research had taken me along some interesting lines in "Vincent Van Gogh Chemicals, Crisis and Creativity" by Wilfred N. Arnold.....pages 174-75 specifically deal with bi-polar disease....perhaps you are already familiar with this work....I discovered the pendulum site while researching Monticelli, of whom Vincent was quite fond.....I came also to be at the University of Pittsburg site and discovered a Professor Aaron Sheon in the art department... He has written an article "Adolphe Monticelli; Some People Thought Him Mad" which was in Art News 77 (1978); 100-102-I have not yet located the artlicle, but it is on my to-do list---apparently he is presently completing a study "Reconsidering Vincent van Gogh, A New Study of the Artist's Attitude to His Illness"....when it is complete, perhaps it will be of interest to you.....

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