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Poem for Vincent

by Ron Ryan

Never Chary
we were never chary
that is why we are now
so forever sorry
after losing you one starry starry
when you gave up the fight
when you turned out your light
when two wrongs
became right
and that's when you
so amazingly gifted
had your burdens lifted
and then you flew
and drifted
out of view
into the hue
of your favorite midnight blue
sailing, wailing away from yesterday
not caring anymore what they had to say
coming to rest in silent grey
where we miss you 
still today
now you are safe from tomorrow's sorrow
safe from the brilliance of your brain
safe from the perpetual pain
just let it rain 
on them
warm beautiful colors
on a summer's breeze
or perhaps a virtuous snow
floating delicately down
maybe then they'll listen
maybe then they'd know
You know, your beauty still paints our souls
And your roses and your daffodils
Well, they still grow
But Vincent, you
You didn't have to
 You didn't have to go
Shadows of Myself
Paint me pretty paintings
or scribble me on your wall
Show me who I am now
Hurry before I fall
Show me shadows of myself 
when I was 10 feet tall
Go get out your paintbrush
You better grab them all
Paint me different colors
Don't make me look this small
Blue, yellow, black, and grey
But don't paint me when I crawl
Create me someone beautiful
Make it out of me
Hang it up high for the whole wide world to see
Make sure you get my good side
But don't turn on the light
Paint me in my shadows
Paint with all your might
Scribble your little heart out
Let's have a great big party tonight
Scribble me in my shadows
and we'll dance together in delight
Hang it up nice and crooked
and invite everyone you know
Let's get on with my shadow
Let's get on with the show
One more drink for me now
and two more drinks for you
You know blue's my favorite color
and my shadow's favorite hue
Paint my shadows vintage Picasso
an abstract vivid view
a splash of distressed Vincent van Gogh please
because I am nothing new
Splashes of Hue, Vincent, and me
they're not listening still
explore with me if you will
vibrant colors
that could kill
explode with me
into Vincent van Gogh's
where we shall see
the beautiful side
of HUEmanity
paint my portrait
grey, red, yellow, and blue
color me
like lovers sometimes do
and draw me pretty pictures
like Vincent once drew
surrendering shadows of silent me
suffocated by shades of beautiful you
splashes of Vincent
suddenly come into view
watch as grey doves take flight
into this starry starry night
flying high with all of their might
among a cascade of red shooting stars
leaving behind purple scars
diving into the vivid blue rain
they pass through a lover's pain
stroll along a memory's lane
and crash into the artist's stain
where only hopes and dreams
and memories of Hue and Vincent
and me

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