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Van Gogh

by Kelly Thompson


So much. Awakening within me.
I am new and young; reborn oh give
Sun and stars and sea;
Moon to hold within me.

The lives, the lives, the many lives
I've lead!
The tree knows
Standing tall among swirling seasons
Only live to see them pass once more
And catch a glimpse of immortality.

Spirits from other lives I could have
Join me in the dawn,
Nod hello and take my hand.
See! They seem to say,
Beckon me invitingly
Into the world they found.

Van Gogh, Gauguin,
Rilke and CÚzanne,
Wagner and Salome.
This is life! Their visions speak to me.
I cry to be in their esteemed
and worthy company,
As though just today they knocked
upon my door
And invited me to tea.

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