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Cracked mirror

by Tal Porat


I was born in nineteen eighty-five
You were born in eighteen fifty-three

I'm living in Israel,
You lived in Europe
But still I feel you're always with me.

I never knew you personally, actually,
You died 95 years before I was born
But I don't let those spaces to cut between us-
You're my flag, my flag that is torn.

Maybe it's just an illusion,
But I feel you're my guide to this world
I know you'll be with me through this life
It doesn't matter if it's just in my thoughts.

All my life,
Which are not that long,
I looked after something I could live upon,
And then I heard that nobody's listening to you
And I found out about your life of misery and true.
I felt I could listen. I listened so well
It turned out that I fell in your spell.

But, I love this spell
I love the magic,
I love the sight of sunflowers
Of starry nights and of brotherhood-
I love the way you know me,
Better say- the way I know you.

You help me to be somehow better.
I'm sorry your life didn't work for you.

But I promise that forever I'll remember you,
I'll always remember my cracked mirror of changing hues,
I will always remember you, Vincent, my redhead angel of true.


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