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"La Tristesse Durera Toujours (Vincent's Song)"

by Annika Büttner


And here the stars my love,
Oil-streaked lanterns which glow in the dark.
I send them to you
From the other side of night
For I feel you might need them one day.

Oh my love, I must bid you farewell now,
But I know what you feel in your soul.
There's darkness, there's beauty, there's sainthood,
There are dreams which are beyond control.

And here's to you who understand
The things I created with my hands,
To inflame you with life
When your spirit is crushed
For the world might need you one day.

The café where I sat, where I wondered,
I will give to you all the things I see.
I painted, I sketched all my visions,
I'm crazy they say about me.

And here the stars, my love.
You must follow them and your heart.
I hope someday there's you,
Someone to live up to,
But now there's just scorn and breadless art.

The night is so dark, is so lonely,
The day is so bright, is so cruel.
My terpentine words cannot cure them,
My paint-smudged hands cannot heal.

And here's to you who understand
the blood stained chemise in your hands.
From the other side of night
I give my rags to you,
Lying here, smoking my last pipe.

There's blood in the fields where I shot me,
Dark shadows won't leave me alone.
Now you go and shoot them black crows,
Now you go and save your own soul.

I cannot, you cannot save mine,
Now go out and save your own.


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