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Van Gogh #1

by Michael Patrick Brewster

I am undoubtedly influenced
by the impressionism which surrounds me
though I resist total immersion
desiring the eyes rather than cathedrals
swathing petals
and brittle stems
the mundane virtuosity
of inspiration and ruin
studying sunflowers as succession
I electrify the artist pilgrim, my model

captivated by the high poetry
the muscular palette
exploding the Dutch past
with the intensity of cold
Siberia's chrome yellow

the box of once-vibrant
colored wool yarns
experimenting with color combinations

the sunflower symbolizing reality
emblematic and rich
devoted to the path of the sun
framed by scripture, the light the
world you follow out of darkness

I crave the purity of light
the south, not just a destination
but an idea, to stimulate my palette
and send me on my journey

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