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Portrait of the Art Dealer Alexander Reid

Oil on cardboard
41.5 x 33.5 cm.
Paris: Spring, 1887
F 343, JH 1250

Glasgow: Glasgow Art Gallery and Museum

The art dealer Alexander Reid had a friendship with both Vincent and Theo van Gogh. This would deteriorate in later years and Vincent frequently spoke negatively about Reid in his letters. Recently I found more information about their relationship:

"Reid's own explanation of their friction was quite different. Being out of favor with his mistress, he one day unburdened himself to Vincent, who was equally depressed because he depended so completely on Theo's financial help. Vincent thereupon 'gallantly' suggested a suicide pact. This appeared to Reid as altogether too drastic a solution and, as Vincent continued with the gruesome preparations, he decided to make himself scarce."
(Original source T.J. Honeyman: "Van Gogh, A Link with Glasgow", The Scottish Art Review, 1948)

Post-Impressionism From Van Gogh to Gauguin by John Rewald, pages 25-26.

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