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Two Drawings Added to Vincent van Gogh's Oeuvre

16 January 2018

AMSTERDAM -- Two drawings by Vincent van Gogh have been added to the list of the artist's accepted works. And, more surprisingly, the two drawings came to authentication along two different trajectories.

The Hill of Montmartre with Stone Quarry was purchased by the Van Vlissingen Art Foundation (Zeist, Netherlands) in 2014 and was subsequently analyzed by the research department at the Van Gogh Museum. It was eventually determined to be a previously unknown Van Gogh drawing from the artist's Paris period.

But in an unprecedented turn of events, the authentication of the quarry drawing in turn lead the another drawing being deemed genuine. The Hill of Montmartre followed a different route than the Van Vlissingen drawing, however. The Hill of Montmartre was previously considered to be a genuine Van Gogh art work and had a number from the Van Gogh catalogue raisonné (F1398). In 2001, however, the Van Gogh Museum, with the release of their new catalogue of Van Gogh drawings, rejected the work. The discovery of the quarry drawing, however, lead the Van Gogh Museum to compare both works and re-evaluate their earlier assessment.

The two drawings are now considered genuine and can be seen together in the exhibition Impressionism & Beyond. A Wonderful Journey at the Singer Laren museum from 16 January to 6 May 2018.

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