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Vote for the Preservation of the Sexton’s House in Van Gogh's Native Village of Zundert

29 June 2009

(press release)

ZUNDERT, THE NETHERLANDS -- The former sexton’s house at Vincent van Goghplein in Zundert has been nominated for the Mijn Mooi Brabant award. With your help this cultural heritage in Van Gogh’s native village can be saved, restored and opened to the public as a gallery, guest house and studio.

Van Gogh’s heritage

In 1863 Vincent’s father, the pastor of Zundert, bought this property as a sexton’s house. He collected money to have it refurbished and also contributed a substantial sum himself. Pastor Van Gogh was very proud of this new acquisition to his parish. Young Vincent experienced the purchase, renovation and occupation at first hand. The sexton’s house therefore plays an important role in his Brabant years. In the adjacent kitchen garden, which is still in use, the Van Gogh family grew its own potatoes, vegetables and rye.

Please help us preserve Van Gogh’s sexton’s house!


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