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Official Opening of the Vincent van GoghHuis in Zundert (the Netherlands)

12 September 2008

(press release)

ZUNDERT, THE NETHERLANDS -- Friday afternoon - in the centre of Zundert -  the Vincent van GoghHuis will be opening on the ground where this world famous artist was born.

It took more then thirty years of talking, planning, etc., but finally the village honours its cultural heritage. The permanent exhibition 'Vincent van Gogh – The roots of a master', brings homage to the artist Vincent van Gogh and will surprise all visitors.

  The opening will be performed by Mrs. Sylvia Cramer, member of the board of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation and member of the family Van Gogh.  

The Vincent van GoghHuis is a living art-centre, for both admirors of art and tourists. Not a classical museum, but an active experience. With a stimulating presentation abput Vincent van Gogh, his life and works of art, interactive education, a documentary room and permanent and temporary exhibitions.  Next to that, the Vincent van GoghHuis houses a tourist infodesk and the attractive Auberge Van Gogh.

The permanent exhibition of the Vincent van GoghHuis focuses on the youth of Vincent in this village. Vincent himself takes you by the hand in an audio-visual play that recalls the special bond with his brother Theo and the concern of his parents. Projections brings to life the village Zundert of those days and Vincent’s love for nature. The visitor gets a glimp of the art business off his uncles and becomes a witness of Vincents struggle with religion and the church of his father. In a interactive program one can find out how life evolved for the rest of the family.

The permanent presentation stand on his own, but is also the intro for a serie of exhibitions of modern and contemporary artists who where inspired by Vincent van Gogh. The first temporary exhibition shows several works that Ossip Zadkine (1890-1967) made about the famous painter. The Russian-French sculptor made the monument of Vincent and his brother Theo that is placed in front of the little church in Zundert where Vincent’s father preached.

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