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Catalogues Raisonnés

The best source of information on the life and works of Vincent van Gogh would have to be the two catalogue raisonné books which offer reproductions and insights into each and every one of Van Gogh's more than 2,200 works. Each of these two catalogues has its own merits: the de la Faille is incredibly thorough and includes all provenance and exhibition information. The Hulsker book doesn't include this, but--unlike the de la Faille--Hulsker provides ongoing commentary and analysis of the works. In addition, the Hulsker catalogue has the advantage of being twenty-six years more up to date.

A third catalogue raisonné of Van Gogh's works was published in 2002: Vincent van Gogh: The Complete Works. This catalogue, issued on CD-ROM and now out of print, is more up-to-date than either the de la Faille or the Hulsker and, unlike these resources, includes colour images of the majority of Van Gogh's works. An advanced search feature, including full exhibition and provenance details for each art work, is included.

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