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I was extremely impressed with the layout of the six Van Gogh paintings at the Norton Simon Museum of Art. Each of the two perpendicular walls displayed three Van Gogh paintings and each wall depicted very different periods and styles. The older works are far more muted in terms of colour, while the newer works are vibrant and alive with movement. By standing in one spot, the visitor can view, in a glance, these two radically different approaches.

Please click on any of the six thumbnail images below to see a full page reproduction.

1. The Mulberry Tree; Saint-Rémy: October, 1889
2. Portrait of a Peasant (Patience Escalier); Arles: August, 1888
3. Portrait of the Artist's Mother; Arles: October, 1888
4. Head of a Peasant Woman in a White Cap; Nuenen: March, 1885
5. The Parsonage Garden in the Snow; Nuenen: January, 1885
(Note: The interesting thing about this painting was that x-rays have shown another painting beneath the Parsonage work. Van Gogh painted a weaver and then, for some reason, decided to turn the canvas 90 degrees and paint over it. The Norton Simon has some good pictures and interesting information detailing this hidden Van Gogh work).
6. Still Life with Pottery, Jar and Bottle; Nuenen: November, 1884

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