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In December, 1997 I had a brief stopover in London, England on the way to holidays in Spain. It was my third visit to London and I was definitely looking forward to another visit to this great city. Of course, the galleries, the British Museum and all of the other memorable sites were high on my list, but I also looked forward to the chance to meet Jane Tomlinson who has contributed her Postcard from Auvers page to this website.

Jane and I had a very nice (though brief) visit in the National Gallery. We chatted over tea about Vincent and what he has come to mean to us. We then went and spent some time in front of the Van Gogh works on display discussing them and what makes them so incredible. My meeting with Jane was a real highlight of my trip.


A non-Van Gogh recommendation: Sir John Soane's Museum (13 Lincoln's Inn Fields, tel. 0171-405-2107): This museum is one of my very favourite stops in London. Only a short walk from the British Museum, Sir John Soane's Museum houses an unbelievable collection of antiquities--Roman, Egyptian, you name it. The museum is actually Sir John Soane's, an architect and collector from the late 1700s, home and is literally packed to the rafters with interesting objects. Whenever I hear that anyone is going to visit London, I always tell them that their first stop should be Sir John Soane's Museum.

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