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From Vincent to Theo

Paris: 1886-87

"I realize that these big, long canvases are hard to sell, but later on people will see that there's fresh air and good humour in them."

Vincent van Gogh
Letter 462
Summer, 1887



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c. 1 March 1886

The Louvre, Salle Carrée Don't be angry with me for arriving out of the blue.

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August, 1886

Bonger, Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant, Isabey, Otto Weber Full Text ---

Summer, 1887

Segatori, Tanguy, Portier, Mme. Mesdag I've done two pictures since you left. Have only got two louis left and I'm afraid I don't know how I'm going to manage from now until your return.

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Summer, 1887

Richepin, Tambourin, Segatori As for me I feel the desire for marriage and children dwindling and now and then I'm rather depressed that I should be like that as I approach 35, when I ought to be feeling quite the opposite. And sometimes I blame it all on this rotten painting.
It's better to enjoy life than to do away with oneself.

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