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Dance/theatre piece on painter Vincent van Gogh created in Lima by the peruvian company 'Yvonne von Möllendorff - Danza Contemporanea'. "What am I in most people's eyes? A nonentity, or an eccentric and disagreeable man--somebody who has no position in society and never will have, in short, the lowest of the low. Very well, even if this were true, then I should want my work to show what is in the heart of such an eccentric, of such a nobody.

This is my ambition, which is, in spite of everything, founded less on anger than on love . . . ."

Vincent van Gogh
Letter 218
21 July 1882

Jim Jarret performs 'Vincent'.

Last updated: 29 September 2018

In this section you'll find details about various cultural events inspired by the life and works of Vincent van Gogh. When I say "cultural event" I take into account a huge range of topics: theatre, dance, plays, musical compositions--even local "town fairs" with a Van Gogh flavour. And the works don't necessarily have to be in production--a play or musical piece, for example, is of interest whether it's being performed or not. I set no limit on the types of "events" included here--whether it's a full blown opera or a second grade class staging their own Van Gogh exhibition.

The listings below (which I hope very much will grow in the weeks and months to come) are a moving testament to the many ways in which Van Gogh's genius has influenced and inspired so many people around the world.

Current/Upcoming Events

Past Events

If you'd like to announce your own Van Gogh event (again, there's nothing too big or small for this section), then I'd be happy to invite you to send me an e-mail at and let me know.

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